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Artistic Faculty

Carole Bestvater

Group Violin, Group Fiddle,

STEP Fiddlers, Reading Orchestra, Musicianship, Private Violin

Artistic Director

Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Group Fiddle, Private Violin

Dr. David Buley

Music & Movement, Dalcroze

Nancy Case-Oates

Group Violin,  Private Violin

Collaborative Piano

Amy Collyer-Holmes

Assistant Artistic Director

Group Cello, Musicianship, Private Cello

Dominic Greene

Private Violin

Jenny Griffioen
Jennifer Johnson

Young Virtuosi, Body Mapping, Private Violin

Chantelle Jubenville

Private Violin

Heather Kao

Private Violin

Pierre Kusters

Private Cello

Serena Piercey

Group Violin, Private Violin

Kate Read

Group Viola, Private Viola & Violin

Ema Shiroma-Chao

Group Fiddle, Musicianship, 

Private Violin

Lauren Smee

Artistic Director

Group Violin, Musicianship, Parent Orientation, Private Violin & Viola

Christina Smith

Group Cello, Group Violin,

Private Cello & Violin

Shannon Woodrow-Winnett
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