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Private Lessons

All STEP students are assigned to a STEP private teacher for weekly private lessons. From September through to June, students will receive approximately 30 lessons, typically 30 minutes in length. Lesson lengths may increase  as your child grows and develops. These private lessons are held at our teachers' home studios throughout the St. John's metro area, and are scheduled at a mutually convenient time for both the family and teacher. Lesson fees varies by teacher and may range between $80-$120 per month. All scheduling and billing for private lessons is handled directly by your private teacher. 

One parent also attends each private lesson to take notes and be active in the learning process. This will help the parent guide the daily practice sessions at home. During your first few weeks with STEP, the parent, too, will learn the basics of how to play and care for the instrument, all to better support your child's musical education.

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