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For toddlers 2.5 years old to 3.5 years old

Saturday mornings, 45 minutes
18 classes from September-April

The Transitions class builds on what is learned in Music With Your Baby. It uses a similar structure and many of the same songs. This class is designed for young children who are interested in playing a string instrument but are not quite ready for structured private or group lessons. As the child is developing enough dexterity and maturity to handle the instrument and instruction, this class will nurture the transition to our Suzuki core program of violin, viola, or cello lessons.

Children will engage in music and movement exercises, listen to concerts by visiting Suzuki student performers, and add more advanced skills to their repertoire, such as more precise rhythm, musical terms, naming the parts of string instruments, and dynamics.

Children also learn the off-instrument skills to prepare them for eventual violin, viola, or cello lessons, like finger dexterity songs and games, and early bow-hold games with wooden bows. String playing really does start with STEP!

As a family, you’ll have the opportunity to observe and participate at least once throughout the year in a mock private lesson setting, and you’ll be encouraged to start observing our other group classes with young violinists and cellists. Guest lectures from other Suzuki teachers while your child reads or practice their concerts manners provides you with the beginning of Suzuki parent training. Your child’s concert manners are also developed during mini concerts by our teachers and students!

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