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Beginner Program

For Children 3 years & up

All of these classes are taught with fun, games and play involved. Reviewing the repertoire that has already been learned is begun in these early group classes and becomes even more essential as the students progress through the books and add on more and more pieces. Students are given the opportunity to play solo, where they can gain confidence by performing in a safe, positive and encouraging environment.


Pre-Twinkle uses games and activities to reinforce the foundation of playing the instrument. The children learn to be comfortable in a group, to do things together and to take turns. The parts of the instrument, handling the instrument, rhythms, and correct posture are reinforced, as well as focusing and listening skills. Parents are initially active participants in the class, but will gradually withdraw to the audience, with the teacher’s guidance, part-way through the year. Once a student is able to play through the Twinkles with some measure of fluency, they are moved up to the Twinkle class.


The Twinkle class concentrates on basic ensemble skills – the ability to play together, to listen to each other and to follow the teacher. Twinkle class continues to reinforce good postural playing habits, and identification of the notes on the A and E strings (fingerboard mapping).


In Early Book 1, bowing, posture, focus and ensemble skills are reinforced, as well as basic dynamics (piano, forte), and fingerboard mapping of the D and G strings. Further development of skills listed above, with the addition of basic musical phrasing.

Recommended Summer Institute
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